Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Italian Chicken, Cheesy Broccoli and Air Fried Potatoes


Okay I've been TERRIBLE with tracking for the last few weeks. No excuse really, my focus has just been elsewhere. I've been eating WW meals for the most part, I just haven't tracked. Take this meal for example. All the ingredients are low points, I just didn't track so I'm not sure how much. 

 I do have chicken, veggies and potatoes as free points. 


Italian Chicken:

- 2 big boneless chicken breasts

- About a half a cup of Olive Garden Light Italian Dressing. It's probably less but I felt like overestimating was better in this situation.

- Seasonings: Garlic, pepper, red pepper, Italian Seasonings.

 I seasoned with my heart and marinated it all for about 8 hours.

Cheesy Broccoli:

- 1 broccoli crown

- 1/2 cup of Tostito's Salsa con Queso

I chopped up the broccoli and used a steamer basket to steam for 6 minutes. Then I just microwaved a bowl with broccoli and some queso.


Air Fried Red Potatoes:

 I used this recipe 


Delicious and everyone loved it. If I actually tracked it, it shouldn't be that bad in points!

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Quick Sandwhich 6 Points

                                                  A quick sandwhich on the fancy china

- 2 pieces Sara Lee 45 Calorie Bread. 2 points

- 1 slice Velveeta. 1 point

- 3 oz Oscar Mayer Cracked Black Pepper Turkey lunch meat. 1 point

- 1 tbs Kraft Reduced Fat Mayo. 1 point

- Up to 8 Ritz Crisp and Thins Cream Cheese & Onion Chips. 1 point

- 0 point foods: lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, black pepper


  I know 6 points is a lot for just a regular sandwhich, but I was headed out the door and hungry so I needed something super quick.  You could easily make this a more filling meal with 0 point sides like salad or veggies!

Shake and Bake Chicken Salad 2 Points

   Dinner for the family was Shake and Bake Chicken, mashed potatoes, salad and some baked beans that my son is obsessed with. So here is what I had for dinner.

Shake and Bake Chicken:

- 1 box Shake and Bake with added Kinders Blackened Seasoning

  Wow what a recipe, I know. I coat the chicken and air fry for 5 minutes, then flip for 2 minutes more. I never really know how many points this is, but up to a half a packet of the seasoning is 2 points so that's what I use.

I had mine over a salad with carrots, tomatoes, 1/4 cup fat free shredded cheddar (0 points) and 2 tbs Bolthouse Ranch Seasoning (2 points). Since this was 2 cups of veggies I earned 2 points which made the salad 0 points. 

Veggie Scramble and Pumpkin Butter Bagel 2 Points

   Veggie Scramble:

- 1 cup worth of frozen bell peppers, onions and spinach. (0 points)

- A little over 1.5 cups of frozen hash browns (0 points)

- 2 eggs ( points)

- 1/4 up Velveeta Cheddar Shreds ( 2 points)

- Seasoned with Southwest Chipotle seasoning and Trader Joe's Green Dragon Hot Sauce

- Dollop of nonfat greek yogurt (0 points)

  Pumpkin Butter Bagel

- 1 half of a Bagel Thin. 1 whole Bagel Thin is 3 points, so technically this would be 1.5 points.

- A few spritzes of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray (0 points)

- 1-2 tbs of pumpkin butter (0 points) My Mom actually made this so I'm not sure on her recipe, but here is one from The Pound Dropper.


  Heat a skillet up with cooking spray. Toss in the veggies and hash browns, stir in seasonings. Once cooked, add in the eggs and Velveeta shreds. I just toasted the bagel for a few minutes then sprayed on the butter. SO DELICIOUS! I am obsessed with that pumpkin butter now. 

  The total for this breakfast is 3 points, but since I ate a cup of veggies I earned a point making breakfast 2 points total.

Hot Chicken Dip 2 Points

   I just threw this together really quick for a 3 point lunch. All points are 0 unless noted.

Hot Chicken Dip

- 1 can of chicken

- 1/4 cup nonfat greek yogurt

- 2 tbs Bolthouse Farms Ranch (2 points)

- A bunch of Frank's Hot Sauce

- Seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper.

  Break up the chicken chunks with a fork, then mix everything up. I had this with 1/2 a large cucumber (0 points), and 14 Ritz Crisp & Thin Salt and Vinegar chips (2 points). Since the half a cucumber was over a cup of veggies, I earned a point making this meal 3 points instead of 4. 

WW Update! Example of a 11 Point Day

  I love the update so far! I did take the quiz a few times until I got the result that I feel would work best for me. I know I need to watch portion sizes but I feel like this will be the easiest to be able to have stuff on hand. I like how you actually earn points by eating veggies. Yesterday was the first full day on the new plan and I actually ended the day with extra points. 

I've been working out a lot more so I've been hungrier then normal so this does seem like a lot of food. I'm sure my hunger will normalize once my body gets used to all the new exercise. I DO need to drink more water though!

- Breakfast was an egg scramble with 2 eggs, almost 2 cups of hash browns, a cup of frozen bell pepper onion blend and 1/4 cup of Velveeta shreds for 2 points. But since I ate a cup of veggies, I gained a point back which makes this breakfast only 1 point.

- I normally wouldn't need a snack right then but I've been getting up at 5 am, eating breakfast around 9, then lunch around 2. I walked 3 miles today so I needed a snack! I had 1 bagel thin (3 points) 1 tbs neufchatel cheese (2 points) with pickled jalapenos on top. It was a high point snack but breakfast was so low in points I thought it was okay.

- Lunch was Hot Chicken Dip (2) with half a big cucumber and 14 Ritz Crisp & Thin Salt and Vinegar chips for 2 points. Since that half a cucumber was over a cup worth, I earned a point which made lunch 3 points. 

- I made spaghetti for the family so I just ate something easy for dinner. I made a wrap using an Ole Extreme Wellness Wrap (1 point), 1/4 cup fat free shredded cheddar (0 points), 1 tbs Tostito's Salsa con Queso (1 point), Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips (0 points), fat free refried beans (0 points), and onions & lettuce. I had a side salad with 1 tbs Bolthouse Farms Ranch Dressing mixed with salsa (1 point) and some butternut squash crinkle cut fries dipped in sugar free ketchup. Dinner total was 3 points but since I had a cup of veggies it was only 2 points. 

- I normally don't have dessert but I had a Reese's Ghost from my kids Halloween candy for 4 points.

  So for the day the total was 11 points, 15 with the Reese's. While I really like that the day's points are so low, I'm just worried with all the zero point food that I might not lose. We'll just have to see how it goes!


Trader Joe's Kung Pao Chicken, Veggie Cauli Rice, Wontons 8 Points


These points were calculated for WW Blue

  I'll have to make it over to Trader Joe's more often, these frozen Chinese meals are super quick and good for the points.

- TJ's frozen Kung Pao Chicken. 1 cup is 6 points

- CJ Bibigo Chicken & Cilantro Mini Wontons. 4 Pieces 2 points

- Veggie Cauliflower Rice. 0 points

   I recommend air frying the chicken for the kung pao, it gets nice in crispy. Then just heat the veggies in a pot, add the air fried chicken and stir in sauce.

  Veggie Cauliflower Rice:

- 1 bag TJ's Stir Fried Vegetables

- 1 bag frozen cauliflower rice

- Flavorings: Soy sauce, TJ's umami seasoning, garlic, pepper 

- 2 eggs (you can omit this if you'd like)

  Microwave the cauli rice for less time then the bag says to. Heat a skillet and spray it with cooking spray. Cook the Stir Fried Veggie's for a couple of minutes while the cauli rice is microwaving. Then pour the cauli rice in the skillet. I added what felt right for all the seasonings and soy sauce. Then I cracked 2 eggs and folded in until the eggs were cooked.

  Mini Wontons with 0 point sauce:

- As many mini wontons as you'd like

- Sugar free teriyaki sauce

- Red pepper flakes

- Soy sauce

  Heat a skillet sprayed with cooking spray and place in wontons. Drizzle with teriyaki and soy sauce. Sprinkle with red pepper flakes. Cover with a lid and heat until wontons are cooked, about 5 minutes.